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God Told Me Nnamdi Kanu Is Fighting A Genuine Battle — Ebonyi Based Prophet

– A prophet who supposedly anticipated to the arrival of Nnamdi Kanu has approached the IPOB pioneer to meet him

– The prophet said he has privileged insights to let him know over the flexibility of Biafra

– The prophet said God disclosed to him Nnamdi Kanu is battling a bona fide fight

Nnamdi kanu



Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi, the general supervisor of the King of Kings Deliverance Ministry, Gbonum Ulepa-Ntezi, Ishielu nearby government

range of Eb­onyi state has informed forefront pioneer concerning Biafran tumults, Nnamdi Kanu to get in touch with him, to get privileged

insights from the Lord that will make Biafra a reality.

Chukwudi on January 1 2017, in his new year message turned into the principal prophet to express that Kanu will be discharged from jail,

which occurred couple of months after the fact.His words:

“Tell pro-Biafrans to stop shedding tears. Their lead­er Nnamdi Kanu shall not remain in prison custody for too long again.

He is already on his way out. As for their (pro-Biafrans) agitations for Biafra, the Lord says it is already in the horizon. Their day shall come soon”.

A similar godly man supposedly forecast that Donald Trump will turn into America’s leader notwithstanding the conspicuous chances against him amid his decisions.

That was in February 2016.

The prophet depicted Kanu as a genuine flexibility contender who have what it takes to make Biafra a reality.

He said: “The Lord is now telling me that there is a secret I need to give to Nnamdi Kanu. It cannot be revealed in the public.

God told me that if Nnamdi Kanu himself will see a humble prophet like me, and we talk one on one, I will tell him what to do for Biafra to emerge immediately.

That’s the spiritual power, spiritual muscle that he needs to succeed in his struggle to realise Biafra. I am seeing where Biafra came but Nnamdi Kanu must listen to me,

and I will reveal this secret for Biafra to emerge physically.

Going further, he said: “God is telling me that Nnamdi Kanu is fighting a genuine battle and is putting all efforts into that battle.

“He is doing everything to ensure that the struggle will be a reality. He is a genuine son of Biafra, but everything is not all about physical struggle,

because as a prophet, the Lord revealed to me back in January that Nnamdi Kanu will soon be released, and you can see that he was released”.

Chukwudi, who passes by the title, ‘Onye Ruo Uka Ofu Nanya of Ntezi land'(doubters will view with their own particular eyes) had in 2011 told columnists

that President Buhari will lose his offered to wind up president, however had said in 2014 that Goodluck Jonathan won’t keep being president since

God has given the key over to Buhari.

He had additionally over and again cautioned that unless critical petitions are accomplished for Buhari, he won’t finish his residency as the president since

VP Osinbajo will pilot the undertakings of Nigeria into 2019.

In the interim, naijainform.com reports that Nnamdi Kanu on Thursday, July 6, said previous president Olusegun Obasanjo will bite the dust for saying he

and the tumult for Biafra must be ceased. He said that the previous president would kick the bucket for talking those words with the goal that they will know

how intense the general population of Biafra are.

The IPOB pioneer expressed this in response to Obasanjo’s remark that Nigerians must do everything conceivable to stop the disturbance for Biafra driven by he (Kanu).

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