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Protesters dare Nigerian government, insist Buhari must return or resign

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Notwithstanding the assault on them by men of the Nigerian police in Abuja on Tuesday, Protesters under the aegis of #OurMumuDonDo have told the official arm of government that it won’t cancel on its prior demand approaching President Muhammadu Buhari to either continue or leave.

The gathering, drove by artist and dissident, Charles Oputa, also called Charly Boy portrayed the Senate as a grand disappointment over the upper chamber’s powerlessness to satisfy its sacred duties by posing important inquiries on the whereabouts of Nigeria’s President.

Oputa, while tearing into the Senate’s position which he named “by and large absurd”, said the Saraki-drove chamber had at the end of the day exhibited that it was only an insignificant elastic stamp of the official arm of government.

He said: “I am disappointed in this country. But let it be know that no amount of intimidation on us by security agencies will deter us from demanding explanations from government.

“They must be accountable to Nigerians because they were elected into power by us, and on the basis that they will account for their actions. We are tired of the back and forth stories from the Presidency on Buhari’s whereabouts.

“Also, to compound the mess Nigerians are in, it is disheartening for the Senate that ought to ask questions to be the very ones supporting such show of shame.

“Indeed, the feeling out here based on their position is that they are nothing but Buhari’s errand boys. I guess the Senate is desperate to please the president. They have failed Nigerians when most needed.”

Oputa, nonetheless, approached Nigerians to talk up by requesting the President’s whereabout, including that not doing as such could prompt the nation’s demise particularly against the background of uplifting secessionist tumults by and by undermining the solidarity of the nation.

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